When The Lame Stands Tall

This past week Alexander has had nothing on me. It has been terrible, horrible, no good and very effed up. I went to a funeral, lost my job and had the kind of cramps that make me want to rip my uterus out like heroes do with the still-beating hearts of comedic bad guys in the movies. I had a few dramatic moments where I looked in the mirror with a sad face and asked myself what else could go wrong. And then I snapped out of it and started focusing on what was going right.

Because even that it was unquestionably a really awful week in what has been a motha trucker of a year, I am still surrounded by so much awesome. I bought tickets to see Billy Joel in San Francisco in September, a city he hasn’t played for 40 years and I cannot wait to drunkenly belt out Piano Man surrounded by rich people my dad’s age. I played six hours of video games in a row with my boyfriend, with him in our bedroom on an XBox while I was in the living room on a different XBox yelling out things like, “Is that a giant dick hanging out of that dude’s pants? Is it? Oh my god, it is. This is so rad.” I discovered a new butcher shop that sells everything from pork belly to pot roast for dogs and as a result secured my place as mother of the year (I’m hoping for a shirt but I’ll settle for a mug). In an hour I’m going to yoga with one of my best friends when at this time I would usually be sitting at my desk wondering what it is I did to make my boss, a miserable zit on the ass of life, hate me so much.

You see guys, we are not entitled to anything. Not a job, not good health, not even life. Everything good we have is a blessing and sometimes what seems like a blessing is a gut punch and vice versa. All we can really do is keep going, keep finding the humor in things and wait for the sun to come out from behind the clouds again to light our way. Here’s wishing you all a fantastic and mostly sunny day.



  1. Well, I know the feeling. Been one of those years (really 3 but who is counting!). Things have been looking up lately and then a metal tool box on the highway damaged my car and set me back in the hole.

    But like your tales from your blog, I am just rolling with the punches and doing what I can to reverse the sinking of my ship. Got to be positive and chuckle at the things you see!

    Thanks for the follow and here is to upgrade in our lives in 2015 – From Krystals up to being a fancy pants person in the Olive Garden. Fancy!


    1. Hi Julie, I love your blog too! As for Live Free or Diet Hard, I guess I’m just in a phase where dieting isn’t my primary focus. Maybe because so many other things are falling apart around me and it just seems weird to focus 100% on dieting. I’m sure once I start working full-time again for someone that isn’t Hitler with a bunch of sugar skull tattoos I might be more inclined to wax about diet and fitness but for now I’m keeping it mainstream. Your comment made my day and reminded me of Step Brothers: did we just become best friends? Have an awesome day!


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